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Fearless fruit overtakes sweet soda

Here's a mesmerizing animation of the evolution of mega-brand value in the 21st Century. Ebb and flow of brand values It all seems fairly similar for a few years until some new arrivals (in 2008, 2011 and 2014) herald dramatic change - and the demise of some household names - in the ranking of the… Continue reading Fearless fruit overtakes sweet soda

branding, international marketing

How to create generic brand advertising

In my grand old days of multinational ad campaigns, shoots in exotic locations, securing global music rights or model buyouts for mass media viewing and ensuring the corporate tagline was spot on across all markets, the biggest fear the creative team faced was Not-Invented-Here syndrome. Having created a most unusual response to the brief, one… Continue reading How to create generic brand advertising

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Cultural Evaluations

So I've dabbled in a little global marketing, coordinated the odd multi-national brand roll-out and herded a few international advertising creatives in my time, all of which translates into an ability to side-step - or sometimes walk straight into - the inevitable cultural faux pas. Who knew that bare feet wouldn't stand (pun intended) the test of the Korean brand manager? Or that a typographical poster campaign for a… Continue reading Cultural Evaluations