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What, only 3 tips for mighty good blogging?

What were you expecting? A bigger number of tips or a different question? A headline should do that - make the reader curious enough to continue and find out what's in it for him or her. If the word "blogging" pulled you in you're presumably already a blogger or raring to go as one? Whatever… Continue reading What, only 3 tips for mighty good blogging?

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Putting Hangouts to the mobile test

A few days ago the group brought along their devices to our weekly meeting for a Google+ Hangouts trial. After dismissing the odd TV remote control (define “device”!), we settled down to discover the potential liberation and some of the hang-ups of Hangouts. The bottom line is that you need a Gmail account to use… Continue reading Putting Hangouts to the mobile test

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Seven habitual planets in the social media universe

An irresistible call to action - "Embed the image above on your site" - is like waving a pin-virgin image at a Pinterest pinner on a voyage through the visual universe. While pondering the future dimensions of copyright issue, I gratefully share this rocket-powered study of virtual terrestrial behaviours courtesy of  Online MBA Resource.